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Motsi Mabuse

Motsi Mabuse


2 x times German champion
Amateur European finalist
3 x World Cup finalist
GOC finalist
Grand Slam finalist
Uk semi finalist

Changed to Professional 2011

1x German Champion Professional Latin
World Cup Finalist Professional Latin
Many Times semi finalist Blackpool , UK , International
World & European semi finalist Championships Professional Latin
Prize – winner Rising Star : Blackpool

Retired Dancing Career 2013

Alla Bastert-Tkachenko

Alla Bastert-Tkachenko

World Cup Champion
Multiple World Championship Finalist Professional
World Championship Finalist Amateurs
Bronze Medal European Championship Professional
East European Champion
8 x Russian Champion
5 x German Professional Champion
Embassy Professional Ballroom Finalist
German Open Professional Ballroom Finalist

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Alla Bastert-Tkachenko came into contact with dance sport early in her life. At the age of 6 she took her first steps towards becoming a master dancer in a children’s group. She collected several championship titles at the Russian championships for children, juniors and youth. It was obvious that Alla started studying dance pedagogy at the age of 16, which she graduated in 1994 with a diploma. 1994 was an eventful year, she became Eastern European Champion in standard dances and then met her future dance partner Dirk Bastert, whom she also married in 1997. From 1998 to 2002 both danced for Russia and during this time became Russian Amateur Champion and fourth in the world championship. At the peak of her amateur career, she made the switch to the professional camp by winning the 1999 World Cup. Here she was able to immediately build on further successes. Russian champion of professionals over 10 dances, Russian runner- up in standard dances, bronze medal at the European Championships and 6th at the World Championships. In addition to her successful dance career, Alla Bastert- Tkachenko completed distance learning at the State University of Moscow for Design and Technology from 1996- 2002, which she completed as a graduate engineer/designer. In 2002, the couple switched to the German federation and from then on represented Germany in international tournaments. She became a serial winner at German championships, won the title 5 times among the professionals and was represented in the finals at world and European championships several times.

In 2006, Alla Bastert-Tkachenko made the decision to fully pursue her work as an international trainer and withdrew from active competitive sport. The list of previous successes as a coach is long. She was able to form 35 German championship titles, 203 West German champions, vice world champions, European champions and World Cup winners. In 2013 she received the DTP Trainer Award. She was able to lay the foundation for success in many clubs, but her name is most associated with the Art of Dance Cologne, which she has been running as sports director for 17 years and with which she won the 2009 prize “Das Grüne Band”. Alla Bastert-Tkachenko has been the managing director of Dance Stars Wuppertal since 2020.

Alla Bastert-Tkachenko is also in action as an adjudicator. For the DTV she judged several German championships. The WDC license was awarded to her in 2006 based on her results as an active athlete. In the world association, she has already judged world championships. Alla Bastert- Tkachenko is judging for the World Dance Organization (WDO) tournaments since 2022. She is a founding member of the German Dance Organization (GDO).

In 2006 she was chief choreographer on the RTL dance show “Let’s Dance” and trained the moderators Hape Kerkeling and Nazan Eckes. As in the previous shows, she also danced in the second season in the trailer of the show and, as a dance choreographer/trainer, coached the celebrities for special shows.

In 2011 and 2012, Alla Bastert-Tkachenko worked as chief choreographer and trainer for the RTL docu-soap “Alles was zählt”.
In September 2015 she was commissioned to train the couple Jolina Drews and Marc Aurel Zeeb within the RTL dance show “Stepping Out”. With great success. Under her leadership, the couple finished second.

In 2003, Alla Bastert-Tkachenko was accepted into the VSO (athletes club for organ donation).

• 1990-1994 Studium der Tanzpädagogik mit abgeschlossenem Diplom in Moskau
• 1996-2002 Fernstudium für Design/Technologie Diplom an der Universität in Moskau
• 1997-1999 Tanzpädagogin Kindertagesstätte Papst Johannes Düsseldorf
• 1997-2007 Trainerin Excelsior Köln
• 1997-2012 Trainerin TSZ Wetter-Ruhr
• 2000-2014 Trainerin TSC Aquisgrana Aachen
• 2005-2009 Trainerin TSG Lüdenscheid
• 2009-2015 Trainerin Metropol Bielefeld
• 2014-2017 Trainerin TSC Dortmund
• ab 2006 Chef-Trainerin Art of Dance Köln
• 2006-2009 Choreographin RTL “Let ́s Dance” (gearbeitet mit Hape Kerkeling u.a.)
• 2006 Film-Trailer zu RTL “Let ́s Dance”
• 2006 RTL “Let ́s Dance” Plakatwerbung
• 2006 Lizenzverleihung des World Dance Councils (WDC)
• 2007 Film-Trailer zu RTL “Let ́s Dance”
• 2007 RTL “Let ́s Dance” Plakatwerbung
• 2009 Auszeichnung “Grünes Band” für Integration und Nachwuchsarbeit
• 2011-2012 Chefchoreographin, Trainerin und Akteurin bei RTL “Alles was zählt”
• 2013 Werbespot für das Unternehmen Höffner mit Hape Kerkeling
• 2013 Award zur Trainerin des Jahres des DTP
• 2014 Werbespot für das Unternehmen Celebrations mit Hape Kerkeling
• 2015 Choreographin bei RTL “Stepping Out” von Jolina Drews (2.Platz)
• ab 2020 Geschäftsführerin Dance Stars Wuppertal
• 2022 Filmprojekt “Wo sollen wir hin?” als Produzentin, Choreographin, Initiatorin
• 2022 Founder German Dance Organisation (GDO)

Peter Müller

Peter Müller

High school in Heilbronn
Physics degree in Heidelberg
S-ST. – S-Lat, then Professional
European Professional 10 Dance Champion 1995
German Open Champion Classic Show Dance Champion 1999
Third place World Championship Classic Showdance 2010
Coach A in the DOSB
Federal Judge S St. and Lat. DTV
Adjudicator WDO
German, English, Hungarian

Sascha Karabey

Sascha Karabey

Amateur Career:

8 x undefeated German Closed Amateur Champion 1999-2006
Multiple Finalist and Medallist in World and European Championships.
2. in World Championships WDSF 2005-2006.
Finalist and Medallist in all major Championships of the World.

Professional Career:

7 x undefeated German Professional Champion 2007-2013
Finalist in European and World Championships.
2nd in European Championships.
Finalist in all major Championships of the World including British Open (Blackpool), United Kingdom Open (Bournemouth), International Open (London), Asian Open (Tokyo-Budokan) und German Open (Stuttgart and Mannheim).
Regular appearance at the World Superstars Dance Festival 2010-2014.

Evgenij Voznyuk

Evgenij Voznyuk

Prize – winner Ukraune championship in juniors

Changed to Amateur 2002

Prize- winner Amateure Latin champion
Many Times Finalist Amateurs Latin championship
3 x Times 1 place IDSF European Union Latin
Finalist IDSF International Open Grand Slam
2 place German Open Rising Star Amateur
Prize winner 10 dance amateur German championship
Amateur German champion A class ballroom

Changed to Pro 2007

1x German Champion Professional Latin
4 x Time prize-winner German Championship Professional Latin
Many Times WDC World Series Finalist
Many Times Finalist Open Professional Latin
2007 2 place GOC Professional Latin
World Cup Finalist Professional Latin
Many Times semi finalist Blackpool , UK , International
Semifinalist World & European Championships Professional Latin
Prize – winner Rising Star : Blackpool & Uk
Professional Latin

Retired Dancing Career 2013

Frank Alda

Frank Alda

After 8 years with the amateurs, I switched to the professionals in 1985. There I was in 1986 in the final of the German championship over 10 dances. In 1986, 1987, 1988 and 1989 in the final of the German Championship in Latin-American dances.

In addition, me and my partner were a multiple finalist at the French Open, Norwegian Open, German Open and in the semi-finals of the British Open in the Rising Star Event. Also in 1988 we were semi-finalist of the European Professional Latin Championship.

Vladyslav Talybin

Vladyslav Talybin

08/28/1983 born in Kharkov/Ukraine

from 1990 at the age of 7 he started dancing
Many domestic championships and in the eastern countries

until 1998 Active dance career juniors
Vice Champion Ukraine 1998

2003 Move to London UK – Representing England in the under 21 category

2005 Moving from London to Berlin,
Trainer activity and work with own couples Representation of Germany nationally and internationally

2011-2017 Active in the DPV, world ranking top 19
Finalist and semi-finalist in many professional championships in Latin American Dances

2016 In that year, the long-cherished wish for an own studio in Berlin was fulfilled. As a trainer/instructor, he successfully works with children, children couples, youth couples, amateurs and adults

2017 Received the license as an adjudicator

Alexander Müller

Alexander Müller

  • ADTV – Tanzlehrer, Tanzsporttrainer, Ausbildungslehrer
  • Trainer A im DOSB
  • Präsidiumsmitglied des Deutschen Tanztrainer Verbandes d. Profis e.V.
  • Präsidiumsmitglied der Deutschen Tanzschulklassifizierung e.V.
  • International anerkannter Tanzsporttrainer 10 Tänze
  • Kadertrainer für den LTV Bayern, 10 Tänze
  • Fachlehrer für Tanzlehrer Tagungen im In- und Ausland
  • Fachlehrer der China Ballroom Dance Federation (CBDF)
  • Mitgründer und Trainer „Team 2008“ weltgrößtes internationales Trainings Camp für Jugendtanzsport 1999-2002
  • Profitänzer von 1979-1985 Standard und Latein
  • 2-facher Deutschland Pokal Sieger in der Show der Nationen des CAT 1982/1983
  • Europa Pokal Sieger in der Show der Nationen des CAT 1984
  • Semi-Finalist World Grand Prix 10-Tänze 1984
  • Mitglied der WDO ab 2021
Ksenia Kasper

Ksenia Kasper